1. Prepare planting bed or container by adding potting soil. Amend the soil or add compost if necessary though not required here since these vegetables are easy to grow. Pick out rocks, or other debris. You just need an area full of dirt and not grass. Grass competes with the veggies and takes away the needed nutrients for plant growth.
  2. Purchase peas, borage, amaranth, mustard green, chinese collard greens from your Home Depot for your favorite seed.
  3. If you'd like to be neat, place the seeds into rows. If you like to be different just toss them. Avoid weeding new plants you may mistaken for grass, until you can positively indentify each plant. Check out pictures online if you are unsure. Of course if you're growing them in containers you can mix plants or designate a container for each plant.   
  4. It is best to let the rain water your garden. The seeds will not rot and in no time you'll have seedlings popping out either in neat rows or scattered about in the planting area. Water if there hasn't been rain within the week.
  5. You may pick greens throughout the growing season since picking produces more growth of greens for your daily enjoyment.

    Enjoy this easy garden vegetable!